Weekend Weirdness, Volume VI

Is that a meep I hear, young man?  Better not be!

Can your cat do this?  Mine would like to but we don’t get house guests like this very often.  Well, at least they’re not this lazy.

These aren’t cake wrecks.  These were all quite intentional.  Some are actually disturbing.

I don’t even know how to describe this.  It’s, um, animation.  Uses a lot of odd currencies.  I enjoyed St. Thomas More and M.C. Hammer, and some of the music is quite soothing.

Carl Sagan orders pizza, wings, and sub sandwiches with billions and billions of calories — and reluctantly tips the already-stoned driver in good single-malt Scotch.  Speaking of which, if you’re too lazy to look up at the stars while you’re surfing the net at night, this might help your urge to engage in amateur astronomy.

I dinna billiv it, Cappen!  This!  Did not!  Actually!  Happen!  Sadly, though, this all probably did.

The hearts are all the same color.

How would the President dress if he came to visit in your home town?  Depends on the weather!

Bad crab!  (He should share.)

Transparent aluminum — not just for Star Trek movies anymore; it may help us develop practical fusion technology.

Burt Likko

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