Weekend Weirdness, Volume VII

Yeah, I pretty much took off the weekend, except to talk about food.  But I wasn’t going to leave you without your weirdness.  100% apolitical this weekend.

Consider, for example, the transvestite (female dressing as male) jazz musician who over the course of 54 years fooled at least two wives and three girlfriends in bed, one of whom thought she had been impregnated by her husband.

A better bar bet than “Albuquerque.”  Home of the Indians!

Having trouble with your take-aways?  Call 911!

More zombies.  Like cowbell, you can never have too many zombies.

If you don’t like your creepiness urban and English-speaking, may I suggest a visit to La Isla de la Munecas?

Stop.  Hammertime!

Good design isn’t just for cheese-eaters any more — it’s a national security issue.  The “eye watching you” is not a “really comforting feeling,” by the way.

Finally, one guy figured out yet another way to piss off his annoying neighbors.

Burt Likko

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