Weekend Weirdness, Volume IX

LOLCats — annoying the hell out of you since 1929!

After Japanese stereoscopic photography was rediscovered, so was the lost art of stop-motion photography, this time by disaffected Spanish college students

Living on a cliff:  probably not a good idea for the vision-impaired or families with small children, but it does allow strangers from around the world to visit your home town and take pictures of your house.  If you’re, you know, European.

Origins of common superstitions.  Does anyone believe in this stuff anymore?

Not so much weird as very gratifying to see — a photograph from a dance in 1944 sponsored by a Federal workers’ union.  Notice that white ladies are dancing with black soldiers and everyone seems to be having a good time.  Perhaps less gratifying: you are never more than 145 miles from a McDonald’s, anywhere in the continental United States.

The best beer cozies available — link also contains reports of science experiments concerning flammable jell-o shots and an NSFW inquiry about what happens when you wear 625 condoms at once.  Seriously, you know you can’t resist this one.

Pac-Man: The Movie.  Or, if you prefer, a whole bunch of movies fraught with anxiety about female sexuality.

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