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The in-laws are out from Wisconsin to visit.  Yesterday The Wife and I drove down to the airport to pick them up in the late morning.

The Wife suggested we take them to Philippe for lunch, which seemed like a great idea — a fine sample of old Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, the place was shut down — the County closed it for health code violations!  I’ve never known Philippe to be closed for any reason before.

Plan B was dim sum, since we were right there in Chinatown.  Just up the block from Philippe was a place where we were the only white folks there and the signs on the wall had no English.  Taking that as a good sign, we popped in and had a bunch of stuff.  The in-laws had never before had dim sum and didn’t really know what to expect.  But the food was really good and amazingly affordable.  We also indulged in Pinkberry (warning, link goes to a site that violates TL’s Rule 1 of Web Design — do not auto-load audio).

Then it was back up to the high desert and more sitting around and catching up.  The in-laws enjoy board games and we played some Blokus, which they enjoyed.  After that, we went to Palmdale’s finest restaurant, a Persian place.  We got lucky and it happened to be exhibition night — seven belly-dancers performing for their class.  So the in-laws have got a good sample of a bunch of different experiences, ethnic foods, and other things that they would have limited access to back home in Wisconsin.

Today we’re going to try and get more fun stuff.

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