This Is Almost Certainly Correct

I’ve little time for blogging right now.  In between a heavy work schedule and a mission from The Wife to build a table that seats eight for the back patio in time for a dinner party on Saturday* (she is doing a lot of the work on the project too), by the time I sit down to a computer I’ve little writing left in me — much as I want to do it.  So for the time being, I have to point to some other writers and await the day when I can sit down and organize my thoughts about something of general interest, not related to a case I am actively handling, and unrelated to my feeble attempts at carpentry.

But I came across one thing that I think is dead on.  Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have killed Mitt Romney’s chances at getting the 2012 GOP nomination for President.  The just-passed health care reform plan is too similar to the one Romney handled and praised as governor of Massachusetts, and the GOP is lined up lockstep in opposition to it.  While it might be a principled and appropriate thing for a Constitutional law professor to say, “It’s one thing for a state to do it and something else for the Federal government to do it,” to a Presidential candidate, it’s either a good idea or it’s a bad idea, and Romney can’t criticize something he once endorsed. 

Well, then again, Romney was pro-choice before he wasn’t, and he was anti-balanced budget until he wasn’t, and he was anti-gun until he wasn’t, was anti-Department of Education until he wasn’t, and so on — so why should he have been pro-health care entitlement until some point in the future he isn’t?

Anyway, it’s off to a late-night client meeting, so more from the busy busy busy TL when I have a chance.

* On that note, thanks to Commenter zzi for a recipe for pesto alla Trapanese that I intend to use as the foundation for my pasta sauce on Saturday.  Unless I get my mind changed for me, and do rosemary roasted potatoes instead.  The good news is, I should have my sous vide at last for the meat!

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