Writing Again

It’s been quite a busy time in the real world, a place that I occupy much more often than the intellectually interesting but not-very-interactive land of Law And Policy Blogging.  So before I get into some thoughts about immigration reform, an update for those who care about such things.  Or indeed, I may not jump on immigration reform just yet; it’s a complex and ambiguous enough subject that it does not lend itself to a one-off policy rant — although I’ll tell you right now, I’m no moatdigger and cannot imagine how the current policy regime can be feasibly sustained.

Anyway, for weekend guests, baby back ribs turned into pulled pork almost immediately as literally dozens of rib bones simply slid out of sheets of moist, tender, succulent pork and into whiskey-chipotle barbeque sauce served atop creole rice.  The Wife made tequila-lime-chipotle custard to go with it.  My shoulders and back and neck are still aching from breaking through layers of granite and quartz underneath my back yard so that The Wife could have her climbing roses and we could replace a set of fallen Italian cypress trees with a red-leafed plum.  And far too much time was spent today waiting in a doctor’s office for a consultation that The Wife was required to attend due to the nature of the visit.*  The weather has turned nice and we’re finally starting to get some evenings without gale force winds, so it’s possible to spend a good part of the evening outdoors in the newly-reimagined back porch reading or writing.  And reading has been a pleasure, too, since a comment on a blog led me to track down a delicious fantasy novel.  Recreational reading is a pleasant change of pace from history and law.

So maybe I’ll give some thought to immigration next.  Or maybe I’ll play with The Sims some more.  I’m not dead, just not writing a lot for a while.

*  Warning: Linked cartoon video depicts violence inflicted upon an anthropomorphisized beaver and is in such bad taste as to be unsuitable for viewing by anyone.

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