Whole Lotta Nothing Going On

As a colleague put it to me yesterday, it’s amazing the amount of nothing that is happening in the world.

It seems that there is a lot of fruitless effort to do something about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  In the more good news department for the gulf states, hurricane season is almost here.

There is surprisingly little fuss over a Supreme Court nomination and the Republicans’ threats in Congress to filibuster repeal of Don’t Act, Don’t Tell seem almost desultory (and are likely not well-advised in the long run).  So not much going on in Washington.

If North Korea had torpedoed one of our boats, we wouldn’t be sitting around wringing our hands doing nothing, but it wasn’t our boat that got torpedoed, it was South Korea’s and as best I can tell, the only real response seems to be a firmly-worded scolding aimed in Lil’ Kim’s general direction.

Southern Europe spirals in to debt and the world market doesn’t like it but deals.

And California’s state government continues to slide deeper towards oblivion as the state’s leaders, in keeping with the general theme of the news, stand by doing nothing meaningful about it, and those who would lead the state in the future offer no real or meaningful alternatives.

Which is all okay from a blogwriting perspective, at least at the moment.  For the time being, I’ve really got enough insomnia-inducing stressors on my mind as it is, stuff which I typically don’t write about here very much if at all.

Burt Likko

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