Rich People Behaving Badly In Tulare County

…Or, reason #1,553 why I do not practice family law. The bit about the youngest daughter seeing the babysitter coming out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel and lying down in bed with the father is perhaps the most salacious detail, but hardly the most outrageous part of the case. The most outrageous part of the case is the way the trial court handled things so consistently in favor of the rich husband that the Court of Appeal reassigned the case to a different bench officer, reading between the lines, to a bench officer whose favor the husband had not yet bought. As Prof. Martin (hat tip) points out, the wife isn’t exactly a picture-perfect litigant, either, but she smells like a rose by comparison to pretty much anyone else, including the obviously bratty spoiled middle daughter, and the conflicted “counselor.” This case left me wanting a lot of soap to clean all the dirt and scum off.

Burt Likko

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