Irish Coffee Banned In White House

I don’t need the White House to tell me whether or not I am legally permitted to drink a Four Loko. Or a Red Bull and vodka.* Or a rum and Coke. Yes, it sucks if some kids binge drink the stuff. The problem was the binge, not the drink.

The mixing of caffeine and alcohol is just fine and an adult should be able to decide whether to have one of these things or not. I put a little Bailey’s Irish Cream, or its South African counterpart Amarula, in my coffee on weekend mornings. Is that going to be on the “banned” list too, Mr. President?

Get your damn government hands out of my liquor cabinet.

* I’ve tried Red Bull and vodka, and concluded that it tastes nasty. YMMV.

Burt Likko

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  1. Southern Comfort and Mt. Dew. IT sounds gross but it goes down like liquid caramel.

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