Standalone DADT Repeal Gains Cloture

Even away from the internet while out and about news that cloture on DADT repeal was invoked earlier today has reached me. For all the missteps and display of poor organization exhibited by Congress this year, and despite the myriad of bad ideas wafting out of the corridors of power, we can take heart that at least they got this one right.

Formal repeal by the Senate should be early next week and unless the President waffles, our military will cease its most overt form of discrimination soon.

We are now another step closer to living up to our national ideals. Today is therefore a good day in American history.

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Burt Likko

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  1. And yet John McCain declared it to be a very sad day. I, though, blubbered like a baby during both votes.

  2. This has been a rather good lame duck session. The bills I was concerned about mostly went down (except the tax bill) and at least one I really wanted to get through did.And even the tax bill, though I didn't like it, was popular enough with the public. They didn't seem to use the session to pass stuff that would make the voters howl. Good.

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