I’d Like To Express My Astonishment

…That the secession of the South prior to the Civil War remains something that people not only commemorate but continue to celebrate. And by “people,” unfortunately, I mean “voters.”

,,,That  Barack Obama can propose that we increase Federal spending by two trillion dollars in one year, brag about Federal revenues reaching their lowest point since 1950, and then call himself “fiscally responsible” with a straight face.

…That in an age of staggering deficits, we subsidize Brazilian cotton growers, so that we can subsidize our own even more.

…That Jeff Flake got as much flak as he did for saying this.  And that John Boehner didn’t get more flak for fighting this fight, given that he said this, too.

I suppose I ought not to be astonished at such things. It’s all part of the theater of the absurd which comprises public life in the United States these days. But it only takes about one step back to look at not even the big picture but the mid-range setting before the breathtaking absurdity of it all becomes manifest.

Burt Likko

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