Silly Outrage Of The Week, Iranian Edition

Apparently, some folks in Iran thinks that the newly-announced logo for the 2012 Olympics in London spells out the word “Zion” and therefore Mohammad Aliabadi, the head of Iran’s Olympic program, has hinted that Iran will boycott the Olympics. I don’t see it, myself, but YMMV.

Really? I think it’s because you’re afraid your athletes can’t compete with the Israelis and the Americans and the Brits, Mr. Aliabadi. You must already know that they’re not good enough to win anything. And if that bit of trash-talking doesn’t induce you to get off your high horse and send your team out to compete, Mr. Aliabadi, then I shall taunt your nation… again!

In one sense, this is more proof that Iran has opted out of being part of the community of nations. At the end of the day, there is not much of huge political significance about sports; sports do not move national boundaries and are economically significant only as commercial activities. So, the Olympics provide a venue for people of different countries to come together, mingle and make friendships, and to treat with one another as equals despite whatever political differences they may have. It’s like a student exchange program or a pen pals initiative that way. The sport is secondary to the social exchange. And the Iranians are letting their religious/racial hatred of a varying religious/racial group (one that used to be a significant portion of their own population, by the way) get in the way of their being a part of that endeavor, one in which they would be perfectly welcome.

It is also proof that the Silly Manufactured Outrage Of The Week is not a phenomenon confined to the United States. Now, send your team to the Olympics, Iran, or I shall taunt you a second time!

Burt Likko

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  1. This latest nonsense is awfully reminiscent of this earlier nonsense, reinforcing my belief about which segments of America most resemble third-wold nutocracies.

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