Monday Trivia, No. 29

India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Thailand, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Myanmar are the ten largest (by population) member nations of the UN that have yet to find enough people to do what?

Burt Likko

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    • I was thinking it had something to do with fielding a sports team too. But India had a basketball team for the 1980 olympics, per Wikipedia.

      • I was going to guess field a World Cup Soccer team, but the D.R. Congo made it in ’74.

        • Drat. My reference material was in error and omitted the Congolese qualification in ’74. World Cup qualification (men’s) was the answer I was looking for.

          Props to Plinko for not only getting it right but double props for calling my mistake to light.

    • Can’t be, several countries are larger than a few of those nations and also have no Winter Games gold medals – Iran, Mexico, Turkey to name a few.

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