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  1. For one, the Christians can’t agree what the Grace means, while all the Muslim schools agree on the submission to the will of Allah part. 🙂

    Somewhat more seriously, I would say that the various Christian concepts of grace would be, if translated in to Islamic framework, a lesser included case of the submission to the will of God. Grace is but one ascpect of the Christian’s relationship with God.

    Or maybe it’s completely the opposite, and submission to the will of Allah (by following either flavor of the five pillars) is the path to God’s grace.

    I would note that a certain fatalism (as exemplified by “inshallah”) is endemic is many Muslim majority cultures in a way that is mostly absent the West – but I should more precisely say in a way that it’s no longer prevelant in the West.

    (note the above is half-baked when its not completely ex-rectum)

  2. The Christian concept of Grace is one that folks still argue over.

    For example: Can someone turn his or her back upon God? Some people shrug and say “of course” and others say “submission is an example of an act which is not sufficient! God’s Grace is action independent!” and then they pick up chairs and start hitting each other with them.

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