Monday Trivia #43

North Dakota has the most. Followed by Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, South Carolina, Montana, Vermont, Michigan, Maine, Kansas, New Hampshire, Florida, Indiana, Idaho, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Arizona.

Will Truman

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  1. Native Americans as a percentage of overall population.

    Or ICBM installations. But I’m going with the Native Americans.

      • And now that I think about it, Hawaii and Alaska would have to figure prominently on that list too. Drat. Maybe I should have stuck with ICBMs.

    • “North Dakota has the most.”
      “The most lowest numbers of tourists?”

      Sorry, I got nothing, so all I can do is try to bring everyone else down.

  2. This sounds like a weird thing to ask, but since it sounds so familiar… is this something you and I have discussed a few weeks back? If so, I do not want to start guessing.

  3. Tuesday hint: I was surprised that so many of the top states were in the northern half of the country.

  4. Wednesday Hint: The ones in the northern part of the country can be useless for much or most of the year, which is why I am surprised that so many of them are in that part of the country.

    • We have a winner. Golf courses per capita.

      This week’s trivia question was brought to you by Tod, who sent me the source data. Submissions always welcome. I have a gmail address using my 8-letter handle.

      • That really is surprising. I would have thought for certain that South Carolina, with Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head and a reasonably small population base, would have won that category hands down.

        • South Carolina was the only one in the top five that I would have guessed. I’ve have guessed Georgia and Texas to be in the top five or top ten. Shows what I know.

          On the other hand, I live in a town of a few thousand and we have two golf courses. They’re closed most of the year, though. Which is why I think northern parts are odd places for gold courses, even if the land is cheap.

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