Monday Trivia #44

The top five states are: Delaware (40.3%), Maine (37.8%), South Dakota (35.3%), Nevada (34.9%), and Montana (33.4%).

The bottom five states are: Florida (13.8%), New York (13.2%), Nebraska (12.3%), Virginia (11.4%), and California (10.1%).

It probably says something about me that if I’d been asked to guess, I’d have thought that the state that had the most would have had maybe somewhere from 10-15%.

Since there is always an interest in how the Dakotas stack against one another, North Dakota is 29.8%, so relatively close to South Dakota.

Will Truman

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  1. Tuesday Hint: This involves a couple of things, one of whichis education.

  2. Part of the answer could involve percentage of out-of-state students at either the states’ flagship universities or public universities as a whole.

    • I’m thinking the reverse, the percentage of the state’s high school graduates attending a college or university outside their home state.

  3. I’m thinking it has to do with public to private school attendance. Will didn’t say it related to collegiate level education, so my guess here will be percentage of elementary school students enrolled in private schools.

      • Lots of Catholic schools there, I’m pretty sure of that! I also know that at one time one in four kids in Rhode Island and Connecticut attended schools run by religious institutions, the RCC being the most prominent among them.

  4. Have a 5th grade class today (as per usual, they are impressed with my height and shoe size), so reponses delayed.

    Nobody has it yet.

    • I feel certain that my guess, though not what the correct IS, is what the correct answer SHOULD be. Does this count?

    • Percentage of children who are first-generation Americans (meaning their parents are immigrants, regardless of legality) who attend college.

  5. Associates degrees as a percentage of all college degrees awarded?

  6. Holders of graduate degrees whose parents do not hold graduate degrees.

  7. Answer: Percent of state legislators with an associates degree or less.

    Here is a screenshot of the statistics. The original source is the Chronicle for Higher Education (and Project VoteSmart).

    My apologies if this was too hard a question. I found the results astonishing. I might should have passed these along as an FYI rather than a question.

    • I would have shared your up-front prejudice about Delaware, but in retrospect I can sort of see it. All the corporate headquarters are, for practical purposes, storefronts; the real business gets done elsewhere.

      • The 40% figure would have surprised me from any state, but I suppose it’s regional stereotyping that would have me have guessed that if it did occur in any state, it wouldn’t be one off any coast but rather the plains or mountain west area. But there they are, Delaware and Maine.

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