Monday Trivia #45

The Top 15 states, in the contiguous 48 states and excluding Washington DC, in order: California, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Nevada, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, Oregon, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Texas.

Will Truman

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  1. I get the sense that today’s question could have been inspired by some of our incorrect guesses over the last several weeks.

  2. If it’s got New Jersey second, there’s a pretty good chance it’s got something to do with immigration statistics for a particular group of immigrants. My first inclination was to guess numbers of Indian immigrants, but that doesn’t seem to pan out beyond the top 3. Filipino immigrants also doesn’t seem likely to work, but it seems slightly more likely, so that will be my initial guess.

  3. I’m going to go with one of my incorrect guesses from last week: first-generation Americans (the children of immigrants, or immigrants themselves) in the public schools.

  4. Late Tuesday Hint (sorry, was on the road for most of the day and forgot about it): It is a demographic per-capita thing. Mark has thus far come the closest.

  5. I’m thinking leaving off Alaska or Hawaii is important, one of those states probably leaves the lower 48 in the dust.

    Pacific Islanders/persons of that heritage as a percentage of the population?

  6. Places men cheat on there wives with other mens wives.

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