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Clancy is scrambling to get through all of her charts so that she can fly back home for her cousin’s wedding. It has, to this point, involved parking herself at a coffee shop* before heading to the office, where she will be until she finishes. It sucks being away from her, but it’s more important that she get everything done. As a just-in-case measure, I have volunteered to drive her to the airport (a five-hour trip, each way) so that she can work in the car, if it’s necessary**.

Anyhow, she wrote me to ask how late I would stay up. To which I responded, “As late as you want me to. Well, as late as I can. Assuming I’m not driving you to the airport, which it’s looking like I won’t have to. But if that changes, then I need to go to bed early so that I can. But if I don’t need to, and if I don’t crash, I can be awake whenever you get home.”

Concise and definitive answers are not my strong-suit.

* – Clancy can’t drink coffee in her present state, or rather it unfathomably tastes awful. But being home where there’s a bed and she is underrested is a potential hazard. Being at work during business hours is ripe for distractions. She can go to work after hours and can actually take a nap on the floor without fear of wanting to sleep for more than a nap. She took today off as a vacation day to address the charts, though she still had to appear at a meeting this morning.

** – A pretty big sacrifice on my part, given that I’ve been in the car for over 25 hours in the past week. There isn’t much I would rather not do. But taxi service is in my current job description.

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  1. I got some pizza and went to Clancy’s office where we shared a meal together. It’s the first time I’ve seen her office since she was moved. The view isn’t as good, but it’s bigger. It’s sad that the first thought I had was “Hey, more room for the air mattress!” (She no longer has to re-situate everything to lay it down.)

  2. Taking a vacation day expressly to do work is… odd.

    • It was not a concept we embraced enthusiastically, but there are only so many flight cancellation fees, missed chances to see family that’s back visiting in-country, and missed weddings before you do what you gotta do.

  3. She finished! Not a whole lot of time to sleep (it’s 4am, she leaves at 9), but that’s what flights are for.

    (I envy her this. I can’t sleep on planes worth anything. I can sleep practically anywhere, but not on planes.)

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