Monday Trivia, No. 65

Of the signers of the United States’ Declaration of Independence, ten bear a particular distinction. In order, they are: Button Gwinnett, John Morton, Philip Livingston, John Hart, George Ross, Thomas Lynch Jr., Joseph Hewes, George Taylor, and Richard Stockton. What separates them from their fellow Founders?

Burt Likko

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  1. They all died before the end of the Revolutionary War.

    • That seems to check with the data, though it says ‘in order’ and per wiki Morton died before Gwinnett. So maybe not.

      • Different sources report the dates of Gwinnett’s death (in a duel) differently. Also not nearly as clear as we would prefer are how many of them took up arms and fought ;nor how many lost property through British seizures.

        All the same, cfpete‘s answer is what we were looking for. Good job!

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