Monday Trivia #74 [Plinko Wins]

Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Iowa, Virginia, Colorado, Alaska, Kansas, Wisconsin, DC, Connecticut, Maryland, Utah, New Jersey, Illinois, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Montana, Missouri, Oregon, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Indiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New York, Delaware, Arkansas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, New Mexico, Alabama, West Virginia.

Will Truman

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  1. Looks like something related to annual income. Maybe adjusted for cost of living?

  2. I have no idea, but Alabama, Mississippi and WVirginia are always on the butt end of these things.

    • Not quite the same list here, but I recall an interview with Charles Barkley when he was considering running for governor of Alabama. Someone asked him if he seriously thought he would be good at it (or something similar), and his response was, roughly, “Alabama is 48th in everything, and Mississippi and Arkansas aren’t going anywhere.”

      • Alabama says “at least we’re not Mississippi.” Mississippi says “at least we aren’t Arkansas.” Arkansas says “at least we’re not Alabama.”

  3. Tuesday Hint: It is not necessarily a bad thing to be at the bottom of this list, though it does often correspond with undesirable things.

  4. Percentage of eligible voters who voted in the 2008 presidential election?

  5. Geez… Nebraska highest, bunch of upper Great Plains states also high, measured as a percentage ranging from 54-72, economic. My Mom still lives in Nebraska, so I should have some sort of advantage here. Percentage of local school funding derived from local taxes?

  6. Late Thursday Hint: I chose to run it this week for a reason. I had another one planned, but then I remembered something about this week…

  7. Wild guess: average class size in public schools, least to most.

  8. So… to review:

    Economic figure.
    Ranging from 54%-72% wherebouts.
    Being at the bottom of the list often corresponds with undesirable things (we can assume undesirable economic things).

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