Introducing Lain Truman

My wife’s fondest colleague is Dr. Kaye. Though they don’t work precisely in the same area of medicine, they both have similarly off-beat personalities. They look a little bit alike, too, in a basic or superficial sort of way. They’re both tall-ish (5’8-5’10”), both have dark hair, and both wear glasses.

A while back, my wife went into work on a Saturday to get some notes there. She was wearing Birkenstocks and a tie-dyed shirt. Dr. Kaye was also there, wearing… a tie-dyed shirt and Birkenstocks. Dr. Kaye’s daughter insisted that a picture be taken.

I tell that story to show this picture, of our little one wearing her first baby gift (From Dr. Kaye, of course):

Her fancy pseudonym is Helena Clancy Truman, but we’re going with Lain.

Will Truman

Will Truman is the Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. He is also on Twitter.


    • Oh. Yea. The kid is CLEARLY doomed. But there are worse things than being a hippy… right? RIGHT???


      There aren’t?

      What about…

      Oh, really? Is that so. Hm…

      Okay then… my condolences

  1. She’s beautiful. I like “Lain”. I will warn you, though, that there may come a time when her peers award her a different short form or nickname that you’ll have to live with. Even after many years, my wife and I are still stumped about how our son, Jeremy Alan Cain, became “Roscoe”.

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