Monday Trivia #104 [Randy Harris wins!]

From most to least: Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, California, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, Idaho, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Dakota, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Virginia, New York, Oregon, Wyoming, Alabama, Ohio, Illinois, Washington, Michigan, Georgia, Mississippi, Arizona, Indiana, Utah, Louisiana, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, West Virginia, Vermont, Maryland, Hawaii, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Delaware, Alaska, and Rhode Island.

Will Truman

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    • Fail. Alaska doesn’t even have counties, AFAIKT. And RI has more than either HI or DE.

      How about “Post offices slated for closure”?

  1. Incorporated municipalities with a population of less than 1,000.

    • Yeah, I was thinking it was something agriculture related. Not a whole lot of things put California in the company of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, but we do sure grow a lot of food.

  2. Workers making over [X] amount (say, $100,000 per year) who lack university degrees. Objective number, rather than percentage (if it were percentages, Alaska would be much higher on the list, I should think).

  3. Tuesday hint: I went with raw numbers because per capita numbers made it too apparent. It involves the number of a thing.

      • South Dakota has the most per capita, with 4.4 cows for every person. The Great Plains and Montana (but not Texas) all have more cows than people, to varying degrees. None are close to South Dakota, though a few have a greater than 2:1 ratio. New Jersey, I think, has the least per-capita.

        I would share more interesting tidbits, but my computer crashed and I lost the spreadsheet.

  4. I vote we all chip in to get Randy a trip to LA to try out for Jeopardy.

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