Monday Trivia, No. 106 [Mike Schilling Wins!]

What do Eric Alexander, John Jason Capizzi, Greg Fassitt, Adrian Hamilton, Graham Harrell, Brian Kinchen, Omare Lowe, Anthony McFarland, Shaun Nua, Tony Ugoh, Danny Ware, and Daniel Wilcox have in common?

Yes, this is indeed a very rare sports question on Monday Trivia. The list is comprehensive for the period of time inclusive of the 2002 NFL season through the present.

Burt Likko

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    • Hmmm….it’s definitely got something to do with winning a Super Bowl ring, I think. How about all won Super Bowl rings in the same season they were released and then re-signed by the team?

      Also – I think you mean Jason Capizzi.

        • No – some of them were late round picks. I think my second guess has it just about right, though – every one I’ve checked so far has fit the description.

          • Hmmm…maybe not. Kinchen had been out of football for three years when he was brought back by the Patriots, and his previous team had been the Ravens.

            I’m going to try one more time – players who won Super Bowl rings but were only signed to the active roster after December 1.

          • Oh, no, go the other way with that. If that were the list, it would be a lot longer. At least going back to 2002, there have been only one of these guys a year (except in one year on this list, when there were two).

          • Ugh – this is killing me now, being so close and just throwing out random possible deadlines. At this point, it’s got to be either something like post-Thanksgiving promotions or that they fit within some sort of NFL late-season roster rule of which I’m unaware and haven’t been able to find.

      • He was on the Saints in 2009, but I do not think he qualified for a ring.

    • So, they all have in common that none of them played for the Niners?

      • Either that or they played for the Niners during the Erickson/Nolan/Singletary era, when they were impossible to watch because the Yorks were doing everything they could to destroy Eddie D’s legacy.

  1. All played on super bowl winning teams and acquired via free agency after being waived from prior team.

    • No, quite a number were acquired from their own teams’ practice squads (or, in one or two cases, from the practice squads of other teams).

  2. Super Bowl ring without playing a single minute in the playoffs?

  3. Probably never played a single snap and still got a Super Bowl Ring.

        • Players who won a Super Bowl and were not on the active roster during the regular season.

          • A couple of those guys were, as far as I can find, on the roster and played in the year their organization won a Super Bowl.
            Many of them were waived and signed by another team or traded to a team during the year, that team won the Super Bowl but not all of them. Pretty much all of them were acquired during the regular season, but not all of them.

            Perhaps all of these players were on the roster but weren’t eligible for actually getting rings due to the roster/activity requirements set by the NFL?

  4. Guys who played for two teams in a season while winning the Super Bowl?

  5. Tuesday hint: Wow, I thought Mark got so close with “players who won Super Bowl rings but were only signed to the active roster after December 1” that it would get solved first day for sure. It’s an assist, for sure.

    We’re looking for something ultimate. No one’s quite taken that step yet, I don’t think.

    • Players with Super Bowl rings who were not added to the active roster until after the regular season/January 1st?

      • Players who won Super Bowl rings but were only signed to the active roster on the last game of the season.

      • Were given a Super Bowl ring in spite of not being on the active roster at all during either the regular season or postseason.

      • Players who won Super Bowl rings but weren’t on the active roster until the Super Bowl itself.

        Or who just stood on the sideline and player Frisbee.

    • I thought I introduced you the night we broke into Brandon’s kitchen.

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