The Traditional Strong Start

That was quite a season opener for Clayton Kershaw. Against the arch-rival Giants, no less! Ah, but April is always full of promise. May will raise hopes, leaving us thinking that this could be the year Something Special happens. But also stay tuned for the traditional June Gloom, with a slump induced by the continually-overcast and never-rainy skies delaying the first bites of summer. This will be followed by a failed attempt to rally after the All-Star Game, broken hearts throughout August and an inexplicable vulnerability to the Padres around Labor Day spiking the season. Just in time to start enjoying football again. Who says there are no seasons in Los Angeles? The rhythm of life for a Dodger fan is as well mapped and predictable as the Hollywood Freeway.

Burt Likko

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  1. You mean Bryce Harper isn’t going to hit 364 HRs while the Astros win the AL West and the Yankees go winless?


    • Kershaw’s not going to hit 162 dingers either, or even 33.

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