Monday Trivia, No. 109 [Kolohe and Mike Schilling Win!]

Monday Trivia 109
I’ve arbitrarily chosen the last twenty-five years as the period depicted in the graph. I could have gone back farther in time than that, but it was going to be unreadable and so I’ve not bothered to research before 1989.

A full-credit answer will correctly describe both the significance of the each graphed column as well as the significance of the number appearing atop each column. The values of the columns and the numbers atop each column are related, but not mathematically.

Burt Likko

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  1. Tuesday hint: I said quite recently that I wouldn’t do this again any time soon. Yet here I am, doing it again.

  2. MLB: the y axis is the max number wins in a row any team (some multiple) had to start the season before a loss, with the number above the bar graph the max number of losses in a row any team had to start the season before a win.

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