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  1. That was a nice pick.

    As I said on Facebook last night, I was intrigued at the idea of the Eagles taking Geno Smith in round 2. When I saw that the Jets took him, I was immediately glad we didn’t end up stuck with him. Suffice it to say that I don’t trust the Jets’ brain trust.

    • The Jets’ decision to take Geno Smith had a similar effect on my evaluation of the Bills’ decision to pass on Geno Smith to take EJ Manuel, who I was already starting to warm to.

      Unfortunately, it did not improve my evaluation of everything the Bills did from the third round on.

    • Since they never used him, couldn’t trade him, and had signed and drafted other QBs, that wasn’t exactly a shock. And given that he refuses to move to a position he might be good at, like tight end, my prediction is that he winds up in the Arena League.

    • The jets are really going for the Jerk Store Award for Jerkyist Org in the NFL. They waited until after free agency and the draft which will make it harder for him to find a new team. Apparently they also told him he was waived after he showed up for workouts, which just seems jerky. Why make him come in to be fired, give him a call before he trucks down. He can clean out his locker later.

      On the other hand i can’t wait to see the first web pix of the stigmata on his throwing hand after having been cut.

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