1,776 Feet

NewWTCConstruction workers bolted a communications spire atop the New World Trade Center in Manhattan today, bringing the still-under-construction skyscraper to its final height of 1,776 feet. Rightly: New York has rebuilt, and are taller and better than before. The new building is 49 feet taller than the taller spire on the old ones. It’s a proud day.

It’ll be a proud day next year, too, when the building opens for business, and then all we’ll need to do to demonstrate our complete triumph from that awful day in 2001 will be to shed the wars and wartime mentality that came afterwards. Violence was done to our people and our iconic infrastructure by those who wished America harm for their own purposes, which failed to manifest. The violence we’ve done to our Constitution in their wake was self-inflicted, and the purposes for which we’ve done it have failed to manifest as well.

Time to move on. Time to move forward. Time to move up. Let’s get back to business as usual, America. [Comments will redirect to front page post.]

Burt Likko

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