Monday Trivia #115 [Kolohe wins!]

South Carolina, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Montana, Nevada, Maryland, Alaska, New Jersey, Wyoming, Delaware, New Mexico, Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Kansas, Massachusetts, Vermont, Missouri, Connecticut, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Virginia, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, North dakota, Maine, Nebraska, Utah, Oregon, Minnesota, Arkansas, Iowa, Arizona, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Hawaii, and California.

Will Truman

Will Truman is the Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. He is also on Twitter.


  1. The 50 states of the United States of America.

    • With two senators who have never been in your kitchen.

      • Au contraire.

        How do you think Kelly Ayotte put herself through law school?


  2. Tuesday Hint: This is a trivia question in more ways than one. In other words, the range that creates the order is not something that reflects substantively on the state in the positive or negative, I think most people would agree.

  3. From youngest to oldest, each state listed according to the age of the Governor.

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