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  1. States with the most people banging their cousins.

    • Maybe my color blindedness is showing, but is South Caroline more or less than Georgia in this one?

      • That I am typo-prone is also showing since I apparently can’t properly type ‘Carolina’

        • And my first guess wasn’t correct?

          How did that happen?!?!?

        • So, least to most is beige, green, teal, dark blue? (Ohio, Utah, Maine, Oregon)?

  2. What’s that yellow thing east of Maryland?

  3. The greatest or least state with something, and maybe per capita.
    I’m pretty sure that’s it.

  4. Something to do with the percentage of women who are the primary wage-earner in the family?

  5. Considering quite a few Leaguers will be on a boat this weekend, I’m not sure what to make of this trivia – my guess is death by drowning.

      • Now I’m trying to figure out Montana, Arizona and Wyoming.

          • Montana and Wyoming lots of rivers, lots of fisherman, lots of beer.

          • might also be a flash flood thing (were these stats per capita?)

  6. Since the trivia was solved early this week, I am going to use this time to talk about two issues that are in Will’s Wheel House…

    1) The Pinstripe Bowl apparently doesn’t want a game between the AAC and the ACC. Therefore, starting in 2014, it will be the B1G and the ACC. Not by coincidence, this is the first year that Rutgers will be in the B1G.

    I still maintain that inspite of everything that Rutgers athletics has gone through this year, Rutgers still brings more to the B1G than the B1G brings to Rutgers. Namely, Rutgers brings 7.38 million TV homes to the B1G. This will allow the BTN to charge more per subscriber in the NYC DMA because they will have a member from the DMA. For those who don’t follow college football too closely, there are only two schools in the NYC DMA who are in the FBS ; the other one is Army.

    Furthermore, I would say that the B1G is the most popular football conference in the NYC DMA already. Plenty of kids who grow up here go to B1G schools then come back home to work. Also, a lot of midwestern kids who stay home for school then come here to work. On football Saturdays, I would imagine there is at least one bar for each set of fans to watch their alma mater play.

    Part two coming shortly…It is about the US Senate vacancy.

    • The Big Ten had the leverage due to a scarcity of supply. Basically, discounting the Big East, it was the Big Ten, the ACC, or the Big 12. Is there any contest there for Rutgers?

      (Incidentally, there is a bar in New York where alumni and interested parties can watch Southern Tech play.)

      • If Southern Tech has a bar in NYC, then I guarantee that every school in the B1G has one as well.

        I forgot to mention that this will also allow the B1G alumni in the NYC DMA to see their school play in person, since Rutgers is a very easy train ride from NYC.

  7. 2) I don’t know if this is national news, but Frank Lautenberg, the senior senator from NJ, died on Monday. As I posted at the Lion, I was not a fan of Lautenberg since he was Bloomberg before Bloomberg was. He also was a hypocrite for being an 89-year-old senator. This is not normally a sign of hypocrisy, but when he first ran in 1982 he criticized his opponent, Congresswoman Millicent Fenwick, for being too old to serve effectively as senator. Fenwick was 72 and was referred to as “the conscience of the Congress” by Walter Cronkite.

    Anyway, this presents an interesting situation for followers of politics. State law gives the governor the right to appoint a temporary successor until an election can be certified. For those who don’t pay attention to such things, the governor is Republican Chris Christie. Even though Lautenberg was very much a Democrat, Christie can select anyone legally eligible. Therefore, here are my top three selections with some analysis on why they might get it.

    1) Tom Kean, former Governor.

    Kean is VERY well respected in NJ, and so well thought of nationally that he was appointed Chairman of “The 9/11 Commission” by Bush 43. This selection will calm criticism that Christie is “subverting the will of the people”.

    2) Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor.

    Whitman is also a former two-term Governor who resigned to become the head of the EPA under Bush 43. She wasn’t nearly as popular in NJ as Kean and won both of her elections despite getting less than 50% of the vote. She came to national prominence by losing to Bill Bradley in the 1990 US Senate election 50-47. This is in spite of being put up as a sacrificial lamb. This result also derailed Bradley’s presidential hopes.

    3) Bill Baroni, former state senator

    Despite his relative lack of experience, Baroni became famous for representing the state Republican party in court when the Democrats successfully tried to replace Robert Toricelli on the ballot for US Senate in 2002, despite missing the deadline to do so. He used this prominance to run for state senate and win. He is currently the Deputy Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a popular patronage hub. On a personal note, when I was a delegate to Jersey Boys State, he was a counselor. Back then though, he was morbidly obese, much like Christie.

    As for me, I will be supporting Rep. Rush Holt in the special primary to be held in August. So much so that I will offer to go with him door-to-door in my town if he would like to do so.

    • Someone said, and it makes sense to me, that Christie will probably pick somebody pretty conservative. If he has any presidential ambitions. Booker will very likely win in October, but since it’s October it won’t effect Christie’s margin of victory much or hurt down ballot races.

      I find it humorous that some conservatives are angry at Christie for the whole October election thing. Never mind that I think they’re wrong tactically, since when do conservatives care about actually winning in New Jersey (or the rest of the eastern seaboard, north of VA?). They do nothing but rag on the guy who has won there.

      I’d heard that Kean’s son was a candidate, but hadn’t heard about Kean himself being one. Unless I’m confused.

      • You are not confused. Kean’s son is also on the unofficial list, since he lost to Bob Menendez in 2006. However, he doesn’t have the gravitas and respect that his old man does. But both Keans are in contention. The advantage the elder Kean has is that he would just be there as a place holder, so he could serve without having to run. If the younger Kean gets the nod, he will be in campaign mode from day one. He will also get destroyed by the Democratic nominee.

        Don’t be so sure that Booker “will very likely win” in October. He has to get through a tough August first.

        Also, if this had happened earlier this year, the race could have been placed on the ballot in yesterday’s primary, then voted on in November. New Jersey law gives a lot of latitude to the governor in setting the schedule. He could have simply not held an election at all, and just let the appointee serve until November 2014.

        I also think that Steve Sweeney, the Senate President, should have had the power of appointment, since he is the ranking Democrat.

    • As an aside, the last time this happened in NJ was 1982. Then as now, it was a Democratic vacancy with a Republican governor. Then, the aforementioned Tom Kean selected future Reagan/Bush 41 Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady, whose signature might be on the dollar bills currently in your wallet.

      Hell, Brady is still alive, maybe Christie should give him a call. Nah, I still think he should select Kean.

      • I am really messing this up.

        Jon Corzine got to appoint his own successor to the US Senate in 2006. The reason I forgot is two-fold. First, the selection of Bob Menendez was completely non-controversial. Second, there was no special election, since Corzine’s term would have expired in November anyway.

    • Rush Holt is running in the special? I may need to register to vote in the Dem primary if that’s the case – he’s one of the few true civil libertarians in Congress. Also, rocket science.

      By the way, the Toricelli replacement points to exactly why the notion of trying to delay the election until 2014 was never a reasonable possibility. There’s no way that the Supreme Court of New Jersey would have signed off on such a delay, particularly given Christie’s less than cordial relationship with the court.

      I have a hard time seeing Christie appointing someone who would be viewed as “conservative” by national GOP standards, though I could see him appointing someone who fits NJ’s definition of a conservative (were it not for the Race to the Top fiasco, I’d suggest Bret Schundler). There’s also rumors that Al Leiter’s in the running. http://www.nj.com/yankees/index.ssf/2013/06/al_leiter_ex-yankees_and_mets.html#incart_river_default

      I hope he doesn’t go that route. My money is on one of the Keans getting the interim appointment, with the elder Kean clearly being the safest choice.

      • It isn’t official until Monday when he submits his petition, but all indications are that Holt is running. At least I hope so, considering that I signed his petition today.

        If you aren’t registered to vote at all, or you are registered as a member of a party other than the Democratic, you must register by June 23. If you are an undeclared voter, you may declare at the polls.

        Roughly speaking, where in NJ are you? Will and I may attend a Rutgers sporting event next year. If it’s OK with him, you should join us.

        • Correction: July 23

          ScarletNumber regrets the error.

        • It has already been discussed, in fact. We’ll see if it comes to fruition.

          (I didn’t actually know that you wanted to go to the game. I’d thought we were talking lunch or beer or coffee while I was in the area. The more the merrier, though.)

          • So you were going to go to a game at Rutgers, you let me know this, and we were supposed to get together when you are in NJ, but until I just mentioned it, I wasn’t actually invited to attend the game? #confused

          • Oh you were welcome to. I just didn’t know you were interested in actually going to the game. Not sure why I thought otherwise.

          • Incidentally, could I get you to send me an email? Set up a throwaway account, if you want; it doesn’t need to be your real email address.

          • Just so others get the joke, I typed ScarletNumberATexampleDOTcom

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