Monday Trivia No. 117 (Randy Harris wins!)

A Midwest-focused puzzle this week, in honor of our recently-concluded Leaguefest:

Iowa has 29.40%, putting it far ahead of North Carolina (13.77%) and Minnesota (11.92%). No other state reaches the double digits in terms of percentage. Single-digit percentages, in descending order, are Illinois (6.73%), Indiana (5.65%), Nebraska (4.87%), Missouri (4.49%), Oklahoma (3.61%), Ohio (3.14%), Kansas (2.80%), South Dakota (2.00%), Pennsylvania (1.72%), Michigan (1.61%), Utah (1.15%), Colorado (1.11%), and Texas (1.02%).

The remaining 5.02% in the United States is spread out amongst the states not yet named.

Data unavailable for the territories and is current through 2010, except as to two states in the “remainder bin,” whose 2010 numbers are amalgamated and any disparity would not elevate either above the 1% “reporting threshold” build in to the question.

Burt Likko

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  1. Iowa, North Carolina, and Minnesota are responsible for more than half of this (whatever) with the rest of the states making up the difference.

    So I’m guessing it’s an ingredient for a particular type of beverage.


  2. Iowa and North Carolina stand out as states with lots of hog farms. Thus my guess:

    Dollar value of pork production by state.

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