Anniversary Day

On this day back in 2005, I began blogging after reviewing a photograph of a gangrenous foot. I was still working at a personal injury firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. The blogging bug bit hard, and I found a pleasure I’ve not been able to get anywhere else. A lot of life has happened between then and now, but this has become a constant for me.

Not a Potted Plant has moved to better digs here at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, picked up a couple of blogpartners whose work I’ve admired for a long time. Between my original place and here, there’ve been about 5,000 posts, 400,000 page views; over 11,000 comments, and most importantly, some very nice real-life friendships made.

Year eight begins now and it’s going to be better than ever.

Burt Likko

Pseudonymous Portlander. Homebrewer. Atheist. Recovering litigator. Recovering Republican. Recovering Catholic. Recovering divorcé. Recovering Former Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. House Likko's Words: Scite Verum. Colite Iusticia. Vivere Con Gaudium.


  1. It’s wonderful to have had you this long! It’s good to know that we can safely expect more!

  2. It’s a kind of anniversary for me too; I’m mumblety-mumble years old today.

  3. Happy anniversary!!! It was lovely to meet you and Mrs. Likko. She is funny and beautiful. You’re a very lucky man.

    Any happy birthday, Mike (thunder stealer 😉 )!

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