Monday Trivia No. 118 [Alan Scott and Mike Schilling win!]

In descending order, from within the three NAFTA jurisdictions and United States protectorates, with ties listed in parenthesis:

California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts, Ontario, Florida, New Jersey, (Michigan, Ohio), Missouri, Quebec, (Colorado, D.C.*, Maryland, North Carolina, Nevada, Washington), (Georgia, Minnesota, Tennessee), Wisconsin, (Arizona, British Columbia, Connecticut), (Alberta, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mexican Federal District, Virginia), Hawaii, (Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah), (Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon, National Capitol Region of Canada aka Ottawa), (Arkansas, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Saskatchewan), (Idaho, Kansas, Nuevo León, Montana, New Brunswick, North Dakota, Nova Scotia, Puerto Rico).

If a state or province is not mentioned in this list, then its rank, count, ratio and/or proportion is zero.

* By the end of June, D.C. will increase and jump ahead of the others in its bracket, but will not exceed Quebec. As of the publication date, however, it is tied with Colorado et al.

Burt Likko

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  1. Do you mean two NAFTA jurisdictions? I don’t see any Mexican provinces/states on there.

    • Wouldn’t that be the Mexican Federal District?

    • Nuevo León and Mexican Federal district.

      I was going to guess, by the lack of Mexican states, that it had something to do with jobs lost, but that wouldn’t explain why some states/provinces are listed in parentheses.

  2. Institutions of higher ed meeting some sort of criteria/earning some form of accreditation.

  3. Maybe absolute number of job change (the order), with those in parentheses being negative numbers? Or absolute percentages. Ugh, those parentheses are driving me crazy.

    • I doubt D.C. would be moving up in that case, since it has a height limit on buildings.

    • I don’t know why you wouldn’t have been able to figure this out from the graphic, but I will make clear that we are looking for a specific event. It has been occurring since approximately July 1, 1962 and will continue through approximately June 30, 2013 (and maybe farther into the future but that cannot yet be predicted dependably). As the linked map shows, it has occurred 100 times in California in that time period, 66 times in New York, etc. as illustrated. I’ve included three instances on the map that have not yet occurred, although one of those will occur later tonight (June 18, 2013) in Pennsylvania.

      • Slight critique – your map lists Ottawa, but you mention the National Capital Region. The NCR, officially, is Ottawa, Gatineau (PQ) and the surrounding area. Unofficially, it can mean just Ottawa and Gatineau.

        (I also find it weird that Ottawa is listed separately. It’s not like D.C.; Ottawa is a part of Ontario and Gatineau is a part of Quebec. There are only a few stats that make sense to extract Ottawa or the NCR, and I can’t think of any that would fit.)

        • The Stones played in Ottawa 3 times so it seems that should have been added to Ontario’s total; Not a Potted Plant regrets the error.

  4. Pretty sure I know what it is, but I think I used too much internet help for it to count as a win. Will the DC event happen on June 24th?

    • It will, so you’re almost certainly right. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to claim the win or not — for most people, I think a substantial amount of internet research would be necessary. But for others, well, some things just stick in your mind.

      • Just to confirm that I’ve googled the answer that Alan already came up with, will the event in Pennsylvania later tonight take place in Philadelphia?

        • And I understand that the street value of tickets is actually going down. These guys are in their 70’s so if you want to see them (and everyone should see a Stones concert if they can’t, it’s a really good show) make the time and find the money.

  5. Cinco de Cuatro celebrations?

    More seriously, lottery drawings with top prizes over a certain threshold? $100M?

    • Yes, this is the right answer. Alan Scott seems to have got there first, though, so I’m going to give him the Satisfaction of a win.

        • How about some sympathy for ScarletNumber?

          Anyway, I guess South Dakota and Wyoming don’t have a facility big enough.

          As for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, I guess they can just go to Foxborough to see them.

          • I’m surprised that they’ve never played in Mississippi, though; there’s big venues and stadiums there for sure. I’m also surprised they haven’t played in New York more — sure, some of the New Jersey and Connecticut appearances are right new the city, but still. Mick Jagger lived in NYC for a while, didn’t he?

            Less surprised at the lack of appearances in Manitoba. Does anything fun happen in Manitoba?

          • All of those NJ appearances are de facto NYC appearances, since I would think that most-if-not-all of them took place in the Meadowlands. Giants Stadium opened in 1976.

            The only proper football facility in NY is Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. I would think most of the NY concerts were at Madison Square Garden.

            As for Mick, all I can really tell you is that his ex-wife Bianca was linked romantically to the disgraced US Senator from NJ, Robert Torricelli.

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