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  1. Tuesday hint: The three largest and most prominent are located in California, Colorado, and New York. None of these are in the largest cities of those three states.

    • I did. I also intended to list California twice. There are two of them in California and two of them in Oklahoma.

  2. Burt,

    If I may ask a question… do these not exist in any form elsewhere? Or is there qualifier, e.g., blanks of a certain size, of which smaller ones might exist in other places.

    • In the United States, these have an official label or designation that readily identifies them. My belief is that most nations and all industrialized nations have at least one of these, although each nation is going to approach the subject matter in its own way. Just looking north of the 49th I found a different way of approaching it, resulting in the different way of siting where it happens.

      Are there smaller ones that might exist in other places? I suppose, and certainly in the U.S. there may be any number of “unofficial” ones that lack the designation I used to include them on the list. But the answer is not easily knowable.

      I used Wikipedia as my source material for writing the OP (I was in a hurry to get it done on my lunch hour), but I should have known better. This morning I found another source with stronger indicia of reliability that indicates that other than the three big sites in California, Colorado, and New York, the smaller sites are located in Alabama, California (different site than the big one), Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma (two separate sites), Texas (two separate sites), Utah, and Wisconsin.

  3. This brings the lifetime Monday Trivia leaderboard totals to:

    Randy Harris: 22.5
    Mike Schilling: 15.5
    Mark Thompson: 15.33
    Johanna: 9
    Plinko: 5.33
    Kolohe: 4.5
    Tod Kelly 4.33
    Alan Scott: 4

    All others with 3 or less.

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