So… what are you playing?

I beat Dragon Age and am now playing Dragon Age Awakenings. I’m probably going to try to plow through the Darkspawn Chronicles, Liliana’s Story, and the Morrigan follow-up before next Tuesday (when Dragon Age II comes out). I’ve also downloaded the HD Beyond Good and Evil but I have no idea when I’ll have time to play that. (I loved the original!)


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  1. Coming late to this, but: on PS3, I’m getting towards the end of my obsessive-compulsive completionist phase on Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, while trying to figure out what the Next Thing will be.

    On iPad, I just got the Frotz app and am working my way through Lost Pig, which is sprinkled with sly references to the InfoCom oeuvre.

    Now that my kids are (mostly) out of the house, I’m rather enjoying having more time for video games, but I’ve found that the experience just not the same as when I was a teenager – back then, when I finished a game, I got a rush of ego and was eager to share my accomplishment with my friends. Now when I finish a game, I get a rush of embarrassment that I’ve wasted so much time on such a trivial pursuit and hope that my friends don’t find out.

    • May I suggest Mass Effect 2 for the PS3?
      Perhaps Dragon Age? (You can get the complete edition with all of the downloadables and whatnot for $40ish now. Hours and hours of entertainment.)

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve heard good things about ME2 — does one lose anything by not having played the first one? Dragon Age sounds like it’s probably more involved than I’m ready to commit to.

    • Oops, obviously that was supposed to be a reply to your 3:35 comment…

      • We have no demands for strict commenting kinda stuff here.

        Slack all you want. We’ll figure it out as we go along.

    • From what I understand (I played Mass Effect and ME2 on the 360, you see) the PS3 version comes with a digital comic book that contains the high notes from Mass Effect.

      Now, there are a handful of choices that you’re given in Mass Effect… without spoilers, let’s say that one of the choices is “neutralize a threat”. There are two ways to neutralize the threat. One is to kill it. The other is to make friends.

      Depending on which you choose, this has repercussions for Mass Effect 2. For the PS3, however, I’m pretty sure you can pick which repercussions you want to have to live with.

      Do you want to have killed the threat? Or to have made friends?

      The upside of playing the original is, of course, having to viscerally get to the point where the choice is offered, have to listen to one companion say “surely we ought not always resort to brute violence” whilst the other says “we didn’t claw our way through hordes of monsters to ‘make friends’! We could ‘make friends’ at home!”

      However, Mass Effect 2 was a really, really awesome game (I’d probably compare it to Oceans 12, actually) and it’s worth playing even if you haven’t played the first.

      (Seriously, the first 5 minutes? The scene where they show you the opening title? You will have paid for the whole seat but you’ll only use the edge.)

        • If you love it, Dragon Age was made by the same peeps.

          (As was Knights of the Old Republic!)

  3. Picked up Dragon Age 2 at the midnight launch, brought it home, put it in the XBox to copy to the hard drive, then went to bed as I am not used to seeing midnight.

    Just finished registering for downloadable content online…


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