So… what are you reading?

I picked up Lovers and Madmen and really enjoyed it. It’s a retelling of the Joker origin story. If you’re a fan of The Killing Joke (and there are a lot of reasons to be), you should know that this version doesn’t stick with you quite as much as Moore’s does… that said, it doesn’t stick any female characters in the fridge and that has upsides too.

I also picked up a handful of post-marxist economic theory books but I ain’t gonna talk about them.


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  1. Finished Moon, and I gotta tell you, the last 185 pages were so intense that going back to read Evans’ The Third Reich At War will be a comedown. I’ve also been making my way through Kate Elliot’s Crown of Stars series (currently on book 4 of 7). The premise is interesting, as her world is based loosely on medieval Europe complete with a powerful church and, of course, “elves” and magic. The church is a matriarchy, god is two entities (a man and a woman), and the heresy sweeping the land is that the “Jesus” character rose from the dead and was lifted up to heaven (as opposed to just dying for his beliefs and becoming a holy martyr).

    Before I picked the series up, I scanned the reviews on Amazon and folks either loved or hated it–there weren’t many in the middle.

  2. Nixonland for bookclub on BaloonJuice, Publisher (About Henry Luce), Chicks Ahoy (for in the car while waiting on children) and waiting for the new David Weber anthology to come to the library.

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