Mixing up the old Friday theme of “wrong” with the Movie Quotes Friday, as inspired by the morning I’ve had… here are 10 movie quotes wherein a character is delivering a line right after something went wrong.  Well, from the perspective of the character (there might be an antagonist or two in there).  As per usual, guess the movie, the character, and the actor/actress (rot13 your guesses in the comments).

  1. That’s it, man… game over, man!  Game over!
  2. I step where you step… I touch nothing!
  3. Things have changed… circumstances, Jerry… force majeure, acts of God.
  4. Well, they finally did it.  They killed my f*$!@ing car.
  5. Mr. McKittrick, it has come to my attention that your new “defense system” sucks.
  6. Once they release this movie, no one’s gonna want to see me jump off the Woolworth building into a damp rag.
  7. It’s a fire, mister… and all fires are bad.
  8. So… good people are being hurt because of me. That makes me mad. Some people think because they’re stronger, or meaner, that they can push you around. I’ve seen … a lot of that. But it’s only true if you let it be.
  9. They’re the ones who are going to do it.  I can’t do anything more now, I have to go.  Have a merry Christmas.
  10. Is this moron number one?  Put moron number two on the phone.


  1. Ovyy Cnkgba, Uhqfba, Nyvraf
  2. Xr Uhl Dhna, Fubeg Ebhaq, Vaqvnan Wbarf naq gur Grzcyr bs Qbbz
  3. Fgrir Ohfprzv, Pney, Snetb
  4. Wrss Oevqtrf, Gur Qhqr, Gur Ovt Yrobjfxv
  5. Oneel Pbeova, Trareny Orevatre, Jne Tnzrf
  6. Trar Xryyl, Qba Ybpxjbbq, Fvatva’ va gur Enva
  7. Fgrir ZpDhrra, Puvrs B’Unyybeuna, Gur Gbjrevat Vasreab
  8. Yvaqn Uhag, Fgryyn, Fvyirenqb
  9. Oehpr Jvyyvf, Pbyr, Gjryir Zbaxrlf (cerprqvat yvar: “Gur Serrqbz sbe Navznyf Nffbpvngvba ba 2aq Nirahr vf gur frperg urnqdhnegref bs gur Nezl bs gur Gjryir Zbaxrlf.”)
  10. Qraavf Snevan, Wvzzl, Zvqavtug Eha


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  1. Ovyy Cnkgba va Nyvraf
    Gung thl jub cynlrq Qbp Bpx naq Sevqn Xnuyb’f uhfonaq va Envqref
    Wnl Zbue va gung Wreel ZnpThver svyz gung Znevobh znqr zr jngpu
    Gur Qhqr va Gur Ovt Yrobjfxv
    Ng guvf cbvag va gur tnzr, V fnvq “V nz ba sver!”

    Naq gura V pbhyqa’g thrff n fvatyr bar nsgre gur svefg sbhe.

      • I couldn’t put the whole thing in there for obvious reasons. I considered putting everything in except the giveaway, but it didn’t seem right.

  2. 3. Movie, actor, and that I can’t get the character name is killing me.
    4. Movie, actor, character
    5. Movie
    7. Actor
    10. Movie

    That I didn’t get 6 is insane, because I’ve only seen that movie 10,000 times.

    • She can’t sing, she can’t dance, and she can’t act. A triple threat.

  3. Number 1 is one of my all-time favorite quotes. I was just talking to someone who met him recently (at the risk of spoilers, it was at the red carpet for a re-release of a “classic” film that just occurred), and I was horrified that she did not know the line when I mentioned it.

  4. V’ir arire frra #10, ohg vg’f fhpu n cresrpg yvar sbe gung npgbe, V fubhyq unir tbggra gung cneg naljnl.

    • V qba’g xabj vs gurl jebgr gung cneg sbe uvz, be vg jnf whfg freraqvcvgl.

      Ohg uvf yvarf va gung zbivr ner fbyvq tbyq. Vg’f jung gurl gevrq gb qb va Trg Fubegl, ohg snvyrq, vss’a lbh nfx zr.

        • Vs lbh unira’g frra Zvqavtug Eha lbh arrq gb Argsyvk gung, yvxr, evtug abj.

          Trg Fubegl pna jnvg hagvy vg fubjf hc va lbhe QIE thvqr bar jrrxraq. Qba’g trg zr jebat, V yvxr Trg Fubegl whfg svar (gurer’f n pbhcyr bs fprarf va gurer gung ner njrfbzr), ohg vg’f ab Zvqavtug Eha.

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