In the comments to yesterday’s Weekend! thread, Dman and Miss Mary mention the phenomenon where you spend a good part of the day thinking that it’s a different day than it is.

We’ll get back to that.

Now, here on Mindless Diversions, we’ve mentioned Peter Molyneux before. Brilliant, twisted genius who has done a great job of coming up with amazing new ways to think about gaming. Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Black & White, Fable… brilliant games (if, yes, a hair oversold). Anyway, there’s a twitter account out there for a brilliant satirist called Peter Molydeux. In this, he comes up with brilliant I-can’t-tell-if-they’re-jokes in the form of how Peter Molyneux talks about games. Such tweets as: “Imagine if you had to secretly support your family via complex ventilation passages in your large industrial home?” and “Imagine if in new Guitar Hero you play as a busker, you witness your city evolve as your music changes the decisions of people around you” have resulted in the Molyjam (which is a game design jam where people come together to program games based on ideas in these tweets which has resulted in games such as Secret Dad).

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about either.

On Tuesday, I had one of those waking dreams that told me that it was Sunday morning and, if I could perform the right tasks in the dream, I wouldn’t have to deal with Tuesday. Well, not *YET* anyway.

Which, I hope, brings us full circle to:

I have a twitter account. So far, I have used it to send only a single tweet. It was the following: @PeterMolydeux How about a game where you’re asleep and what you do in your dream will determine what day it is when you wake up?


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