The long, slow dance of air conditioning continues

This morning, after dropping The Wife off at work, I returned home and waited at home for an hour for the A/C repair guy to show up. When he didn’t, I called him and he said that it was good that I did since his wife is nine months pregnant and he is mentally frazzled. But he made it out there by about 10:30. (If I hadn’t called, would I still be at home? Probably; this may be what happened Thursday.)

During this time, I tried to log in to the office computer and could not. Very frustrating, with motion responses due soon.

At about 11:00 the repairman pronounced that he had seen all the signs of low freon but could not confirm the charge until all the ice on the blade fins melted. He showed me the fins and they were indeed encrusted with inches of ice. We left the unit turned off and I came to the office to take telephone depositions and work on my motions. So now I await a call for my telephone deposition and we’ll just see what the future brings.

Burt Likko

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