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The online business law class I’ve just finished teaching had twelve students. Five of them, from all over the spectrum of performance, took time to write notes to me on their final exams. For privacy reasons, I’ve eliminated their names, but otherwise their responses are here in full:

1. TL, please find attached my final exam. I would also like to thank youfor an excellent learning experience. Your dedication to your professionwas evident through your teachings and responses to members of thisclass. Best wishes for success in your business as well.(and, I still think Gilligan deserved more than what Team B was willingto settle for:)Best, [name].

2. TL, Attached is my final exam. I hope that I did much better on this than the past couple, especially the last one. [¶] I do not know what it is, I think it is psychological because I panic when I hear or see an exam or test of any kind. I know it is not because I do not know the material because you could sit here and verbally ask me and I would know the answer. Something that I need to personally work on. [¶] With that said, let me take a little more of your time. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I did not think that I was going to enjoy this class as much as I have. There was a lot of reading but it was well worth it. I feel that I have gained more knowledge in this class, than all of the classes that I have taken thus far. I have to compliment you on your facilitation of this class. None of the facilitators of the classes that I have taken thus far have been as involved with their students as you have. For this, I greatly thank you. Your responses to our questions or posts were phenomenal and the stories you told were very informative. It just shows me that you really care about your students and you really want them to learn and walk away from your class with knowledge. [¶] Thank you again.

3. TL..Here is my final test. I was only fuzzy with a couple questions (kind of tricky especially #20). I want you to know that my goal was to Ace it and hopefully I succeeded -who knows?? I would like to say thank you for all of the information on business law, I can honestly say I enjoyed this class very much. Thanks again and good luck to you .

4. I was unable to fix my Excel application, so I’m once again sending you my assignment in a word file! 🙂 [¶] Thank you for an exciting class – I’ve really enjoyed it. [¶] Thanks again and good luck! 🙂

5. TL, Here is my week 5 test. [¶] Thanks for a great class, [name]

Granted, the last two might be a little perfunctory, but I really appreciate the sentiment from my students, because I care about doing a good job. At least three of them took the time to write these nice notes. I do put a lot of effort into my classes, and for the reason that they’ve noted — I want them to really learn something.

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  1. Wow, it sounds like you are doing an excellent job! I only wish that you were teaching some of my current classes!

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