Day of Stress

Today’s agenda:

1. Drop off The Wife at her job in West Knoxville;
2. Go to allergist’s office in Middle Knoxville for first round of shots, discover that I’ve gone to wrong office;
3. Go to correct office in Maryville;
4. Get injected with known allergens and wait half an hour for systemic reaction that never happens;
5. Drive back to office in downtown Knoxville;
6. Learn about friend from New Orleans (he’s OK; he evacuated to Shreveport but is considering not going back to New Orleans because there’s nothing to go back to);
7. Prepare mandatory expert designation; grouse about how unfair it is to have to disclose experts a month before the defendants do and how much more sense simultaneous disclosures would make;
8. Meet with other clients to break bad news;
9. Go to dentist in West Knoxville;
10. Go to hospitalized relative’s house in Maryville to care for her pets;
11. Pick up The Wife from job in West Knoxville;
12. Drop off The Wife at The Estate at Louisville;
13. Return to downtown Knoxville;
14. Have business dinner set up by The Great Man with a lawyer from Atlanta somewhere in downtown Knoxville;
15. Return to The Estate at Louisville;
16. Grade papers to turn student feedback around in time to turn in grades and be paid in next pay cycle.

Total estimated mileage: 14,583 miles.

So you can see I’ve got a lot on my plate here.

Burt Likko

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