New Old Computer

The Wife and her mom are upstairs as once again, I am down in the basement on the computer. Soon I will join them for breakfast. But right now, I’m using the old computer my dad recovered from the computer repair geeks.

It’s actually a new computer because it has a new motherboard, new microprocessor, new power source, and a new hard drive (which was the most recent problem with it). Basically, everything but the shell and the I/O devices are brand new and significantly upgraded. Even the browser is new — someone installed Firefox on it and so far, I can detect no differences between Firefox and IE.

My use is interrupted by a lot of windows and security alerts popping up, largely because everything on the computer is new. The keyboard is an old style so it’s a little awkward. But all of that is OK.

Well, it’s time to go up and eat breakfast. But it’s good to know that the new old computer works.

Burt Likko

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