Coasting A Little

Not many posts recently because The Folks are in town and staying with us. They’ve no desire to intrude on our lifestyle but we don’t get to visit with them much. So I’m devoting more of my time to being with them while they’re here. For instance last night my dad made some really good steaks and grilled vegetables, and we had a relaxed, enjoyable dinner together. It’s a great pleasure to have them here and everyone’s getting along very well indeed.

Yes, I’m normally a more prolific writer than this but a week of coasting is probably no skin off anyone’s nose. After all, this is a completely noncommercial blog so you’re still getting your money’s worth.

One thing to note is a debate between the Rational Response Squad, a group of young atheists, and the Way of the Master guys (Kirk Cameron and an English preacher), both of whom have brash, in-your-face styles of presenting their world views. The Way of the Master guys claim to be able to “prove” the existence of God without reference to faith or the Bible, and there will be a debate on that subject on ABC News Now today (May 9) at 2:00 and later tonight on Nightline at 11:35 p.m. (No, I don’t have a clue as to why ABC insists on broadcasting Nightline at 11:35 instead of 11:30.) I do not anticipate anything new being said by anyone, but it might make for an interesting confrontation.

I also anticipate that the side you agree with before watching the debate will be the side you will think won the debate afterwards. I will try to keep an open mind, but I’ve seen the internet video of the Way of the Master dudes before and I think they’ve got pretty weak ketchup, from an intellectual point of view, although they do have a pretty slick website. I’ve also seen a preview from the debate, and it looks like the Way of the Master guys — while perhaps making a decent case to the already-converted — fail in their objective to prove the existence of God without reference to faith or the Bible.

Meanwhile, the RRS guys have been proceeding on other fronts, too — including a most interesting copyright suit against Uri Geller (the widely-debunked, spoon-bending “psychic”).

UPDATE: On second thought, I think I’ve written plenty today.

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