Chicken Skin Flip Flop

Mike Huckabee has famously lost a bunch of weight. Good for him; I wish I had the kind of willpower he did to resist larger-than-necessary portions of tasty food. So you think he would praise, not criticize, Mitt Romeny for taking the skin off of his fried chicken. Yes, the chicken skin is the tastiest part of even the most juicy fried chicken. It’s also the fattiest. (Strangely, these two facts are related. Oh, wait, that’s not so strange at all.) And seriously, is this how the Republican party is going to pick its Presidential nominee? Is this the best Huckabee could come up with the day before the Florida primary? At least John McCain could respond to Romney’s swipe about loyalty to the party by criticizing his conservative bona fides. Oh, and I get a twofer here – I get to take a swipe at Huckabee and a swipe at the Fish Wrapper. Its reporter is simply wrong to call Huckabee’s reference to Oklahoma as a “great Southern state” a gaffe. Oklahomans think of themselves as Southerners.

By the way, since I’m thinking about Republicans – here’s all you need to know about the status of Rudy Giuliani’s campaign: for the past two weeks, he’s been trailing McCain in New York. So much for six months of being the “front-runner.” My guess is that you Readers are right, and that McCain will win Florida, and Giuliani will then have to decide what, exactly, he can possibly do after he loses his firewall and becomes less relevant to this race than Ron Paul. But losing in New York — if Rudy can’t make it there, he can’t make it an-y-where!

Burt Likko

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  1. Ah, but *Southerners* don’t think of Oklahomans as Southerners, and that’s what really matters. 😉

  2. I hope they think Arizonians as southerns. Because if Roomey doesn’t get the nod. I would have to rely on “not since 1960 have we elected a northern” (birth places don’t count)

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