Clinton: Out of Dough

Like my friend Salsola, I didn’t see this coming. The Clinton campaign, out of cash? Running on fumes a five million dollar loan from the candidate herself? That’s a harsh toke — and February looks to be a good month for Obama, with commanding leads in the upcoming primaries of Maryland, DC, and Virginia. And it turns out that Obama won Missouri after all. Clinton is still better at the inside game and I’m looking more and more for a brokered Democratic convention. She’ll pull more superdelegates than Obama, because there’s just more favors owed, more money raised for those superdelegates by Clinton than Obama. But if Obama starts pulling ahead in the other delegate counts — look out, we could have us an upset here.

Burt Likko

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  1. Here is a link to the best data I have found specific to superdelegates. 2008 Democratic Convention Watch.They have Clinton at 201 and Obama at 112 (not counting Michigan and Florida). They also list all the delegates who have not endorsed, 411 total. Apparently part of the confusion is that the super delegates from Florida and Michigan also do not count, and Clinton has 14 of those and Obama only 3.

  2. Good spot — it actually lists the superdelegates by name and commitments. I like it very much and will start using it.

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