That’s It For Mitt

This one I kind of did see coming. Mitt Romney just announced that he’s “suspending” his campaign. This is probably preliminary to his appearance at CPAC this weekend, where he will likely end his campaign and grudgingly endorse John McCain. Putting his campaign in suspense today gives him a couple days to call McCain and his people and wrangle out some sort of benefit to him in exchange for that endorsement — the price of which may be being named McCain’s running mate, a move that makes sense on several levels. McCain didn’t need to go over the top to clinch the nomination in order to force this. What’s interesting is that it was Romney, instead of Huckabee, who blinked first.

Burt Likko

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  1. Apparently, James Dobson will officially endorse Huckabee soon. But I seriously doubt he can overcome McCain’s commanding lead.

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