Keep Hisba Away

A trend in middle eastern nations, even allegedly secular ones, is to use “hisba” litigation to challenge and stifle dissent against Islam. Apparently, as sensitive as Christians (or at least, certain Christians) are to challenges and critiques of their faith, Muslims (or at least, certain Muslims) are even worse. Physical violence and economically ruinous litigation are used to repress challenges to religious orthodoxy and, because much Muslim theology blends a religious duty with obedience to political authority, advocacy for political change. All in the name of promoting Islam and moral behavior.

This is a fine example of religious people officiously sticking their nose in other peoples’ business, interfering with freedom of speech, and enforcing orthodoxy of thought and behavior. It ought to be anathema to anyone who loves freedom. Let us hope that this sort of thing does not find purchase here in the United States — and let us remember that while we see this impulse given action in the behavior of Muslims against dissidents from their orthodoxy, the same sort of thing may manifest in other guises, as well, “protecting” other religions. Not even atheists are immune from it.

Truth should be found by result of the free exchange and competition of ideas, backed up by logic and evidence.

Burt Likko

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