Give It A Whirl

Do you like wine? Of course you do. But wine is complicated. There’s a million different labels, hundreds of varieties and thousands of regions, and a mistake can be expensive. Do you want someone who’s going to give it to you straight? Not full of pretense or attitude?

Then give Gary Veynerchuk’s Thunder Show a try. Or watch him on If you like wine, you might not be in to football, but I like both and I’m willing to forgive the guy for being a Jets fan. Mainly he’s got the right attitude about the wine — it’s supposed to be fun and taste good. He’s got an enthusiastic personality, one that gets you excited about trying wines and learning more. He’s perfectly happy to say the wine taste likes, for instance, Twizzlers, the old good kind that were made up of six of the little thin ropes braided together and were way better than the big pure-sugar pseudo-licorice you can get now.

Burt Likko

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