Beating The Cowboys Should Have Been More Fun Than That

I don’t want to complaint about a “W.”  I’m glad we won.  But there are reasons to be discontented despite the win.  About the only real signs of life were the two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, one coming off a really sloppy fumble by Dallas.  And there 24 penalties called and 9 quarterback sacks, 5 of which were on Rodgers.  Overall, the game was miserably-played.

I’ve been saying the problem is the offensive line.  But maybe it’s deeper than that.  There’s a lot of very conservative play-calling, a lot of questionable failed challenges, and the Packers remain the most-penalized team in the NFL.  Those are coaching problems.

Burt Likko

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  1. TPL, I have to say that I like Aaron Rodgers (he gets me lots of points in my fantasy league each week), and while there's no question that his O-Line can't protect him, the problem is definitely deeper than that.As I read someone else comment, to take as many sacks as he has this season (over 30, I'm sure) is inexcusable. He's got to learn to feel it coming, and to get rid of the ball. Failure to do so more often is a slight against both him and the coaching staff.Post (aka Dale from RET)

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