Mouse Dexterity

When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I was a whiz with the mouse.  It went right where I wanted it to go, every time.  These days, I seem to “just miss” my target a lot.  I wind up doing a lot of clicking on the icon right next to the one I want to click.  This is dangerous because I will sometimes close a window that I only wanted to minimize, save something I’m writing instead of clicking “Save As…” so that I can save it under a different name, and so on.

It’s sad to feel my mouse dexterity ebbing away.

Burt Likko

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  1. I recommend learning as many keyboard shortcuts as possible, and making a point to form the habit of using them.I have recently started doing just that.This Twitter feed is working out well as a resource (not mine)

  2. you can change the mouse speed. In the old days there was a track ball and pad. NOw it's a clean table

  3. Ditto what nanani said. Make it like a workout where you increase your routine of using key-strokes to do mouse actions. 'tab' 'enter' and all those 'ctrl' + 'some other key' shortcuts.Train to become fluent.

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