The Field Has Been Occupied

I was going to write about the after-class sex-toy demonstration at Northwestern University, and mediate upon what is and is not an educational activity and what is and is not appropriate even for an institution of higher learning whose students are adults. But then I found that I was beaten to it at the host site.

If you’re one of the literally tens of people who come here first before venturing on to the host site, here’s the teaser: “fuck-saw.” I made the mistake of googling the term to confirm if it was what I thought it was. Quite unfortunately, I was exactly right. In retrospect, I should have realized that no possible result of that google search would have made me any happier, so I take it as an object lesson in the need to exercise at least minimal judgment in controlling the flow of information to my brain.

In any event, I commend the linked article, and the comments, to all of you. Unlike some dimensions of the underlying story, it is a thoughtful, sober, and intelligent meditation upon an important, if esoteric, subject.

Burt Likko

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  1. If you think that’s crazy, try looking up “lick-a-chick”. It involves creative use of a chainsaw and several silicone tongue replicas.

    Although I’m told it’s actually not that exciting.

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